Whole Human Healing

Sarah Clark LAc

Your heart’s deepest knowing will lead you home.

Personal and Transgenerational Healing

What I hold in the treatment room is that personal and transgenerational healing are infinitely possible. What we can witness and know, what we can truly see with our hearts’ deepest compassion, we can heal.

When we open to healing on this level, we almost always gain access to marginalized or split-off parts of ourselves: aspects of our inner child, for instance, such as our exuberance, our joy, our innocence–or our anger, our fear, and very often our personal power. Often we unconsciously separated from certain parts of ourselves, because at some point in time we felt we weren’t safe to reveal or express them. Yet, over time, the pattern itself of holding these parts of ourselves at bay can cause physical and emotional blocks.

Our bodies are always communicating with us. Our symptoms–our chronic and acute pain, our digestive distress, our depression, anxiety, or insomnia–are all signals of what is wanting to be witnessed and integrated. And it is through deeply listening and tending to what is being expressed through our symptoms that we discover deep patterning–often ancestral in nature–that is ready to transform. In this way we reclaim ourselves in our true wholeness and vitality.

Let’s sit together with the wisdom of your heart and see what wants to arise.